Trillium Park in the Diamond (March 2021)

This is Area H. A Place of Beauty.

Our Piece of Paradise

Acknowledgement: CVRD Area H is located on the unceded territory of the Stz’uminus First Nation.

Through this website, your CVRD Regional Director, Ben Maartman, will share news, stories and pictures that may be of interest to the residents of Area H.

This website is intended to be factual and informative, but it is a work in progress. It needs your help – send Area H information (e.g. history, maps, pictures) to ben.maartman@cvrd.bc.ca .

Volunteer Opportunities

Area H Parks Advisory Commission – 2 positions

Area H Advisory Planning Commission – 1 position

Contact ben.maartman@cvrd.bc.ca

Improve connectivity initiative

If anyone in this area is wanting Telus PureFibre options then Telus asks that you fill out the form (takes 2 minutes) https://fibre.telus.com/iwantfibre/#overbuild_form

With the increased demand, they are trying to prioritize based on need so the more people who request the service, the higher up the prioritization.

Contact Information:

Email: ben.maartman@cvrd.bc.ca

Phone: 250-510-5930